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Exotic Dimensions

Exotic Dimensions is the musical project.

Producer Shumile attempts to make world music accessible to a large audience of people, particularly individuals who may not be acquainted with music from other countries.


The project appeals to people all around the world by introducing world music and talented musicians from many different countries (Taiwan, India, Jordan, Palestine, Mozambique, Finland, Greece, Hungary, England, Morocco, Iran, Lebanon, the United States and Japan).


The musical project assimilates different kinds of music, such as electric, classical, pop and world music, beyond usual genres and styles, not just imitating traditional music. The songs are accessible, emotional, mysterious, grand and exotic.


 She hopes that people appreciate and value other cultures through listening to music across the globe.

In the first album released in January 2016, many traditional music, such as Indonesian, Greek, Arabic, Scottish, African, Chinese and Japanese and other styles of music, was blended in each track.

In the single "A Maiden Made Not of Clay", released on September 2021, she collaborated not only with Celtic musicians, but also with the stop motion animator, Kohei Takeda to make a music video.

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