Music Awards

Video/Film Awards

The John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2016

Finalist at the world section ( 1 out of 3 ) 

Prague Music Video Awards

(one of he most popular film festival in Czech according to film freeway)

Hollywood Songwriting Contest 2016

World music section_Nominee

Grand Prix_Winner

Best Female Vocal_Winner

Best Male Director_Winner

Gothamite Monthly Film Festival

(IMDb certified festival)

Best Spiritual section_Nominee

Best Original Score_Winner

American Songwriting Awards 2017

Best New Age section_Winner

Best World section_4 songs nominated

Best Spiritual section_nominee

Global Music Awards 2022

Budapest Film Festival

Best Composer_Winner

Lonely Seal Film Festival

Best Music Video_Winner

Silver Medal

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 18.53.51.png

LIT Talent Awards

Best Arrangement_Gold Medal

Best Traditional_Platinum Medal

Tokyo International Monthly Film Awards

(IMDb certified festival)

Best Art Film_Winner

SHORT to the Point

(IMDb certified festival)

Best Music Video_Nominee

New York International Monthly Film Festival

(IMDb certified festival)

Best Music Video_Finalist

Flicker's Rhode Island Film Festival

(Academy Awards certified festival)

Best Music Video_Semi Finalist

Prague International Film Awards

Best Music Video_Honorable Mention

Director Music Video_Selected

First Time Director_Selected

Popcorn Roulette Film Festival

First Time Film Maker_Official Selection

LAVA Film Festival

Adult Filmmakers_Official Selection