Shumile is a music producer and composer. She wrote lyrics, composed, arranged, programmed, recorded and mixed music on Exotic Dimensions. She also sang lead vocals and played piano on the project.


    Born in Japan, she began learning to play the piano at 5 years of age and began composing songs by the time she was 8 years old. She soon became interested in traditional music, cultures and histories of other countries and began wishing to find pop songs which have world music styles.


   Later, although she entered university in Japan as a major in composition, to learn the techniques of film scoring also to know more about the world by talking to people from other countries, she left the university and enrolled in The Berklee College of Music as a major in film scoring and gained the degree in two years.


   After graduating from Berklee she began working for recording studios as a composer, arranger and programmer and also began learning the processes and techniques of how to make CDs including recording and mixing. Eventually it occurred to her to create Exotic Dimensions to fulfill her childhood wish of having pop songs which have world music styles. By trial and error she made unique styles that blended world music and Japanese pops in both composing and singing and recorded with many international musicians from 12 different countries.


   Her debut album “ Journey of the Soul “ will be released on Jan. 15. 2016.