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Shumile is a music producer, composer, arranger, orchestrator, programmer, pianist singer, conductor, recording & editing engineer, video director and script writer of Exotic Dimensions.


Born in Japan and based in the U.S., she graduated from the Berklee College of Music majring in Film Scoring.


Her credits includes participating in arranging and programming for one of the most famous Japanese pop stars Mai Kuraki, making jingles for big corporations such as Mazda, Kewpie Mayonaise, Century 21, and Haagen Daz, writing songs for audio books including Curious George and contributing the songs for the music project at Universal Music etc.

She has been awarded or selected at many competitions including the most prestigious songwriting competition in the world like the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and one of the most popular film festivals in Czech and 

other film festivals around the world including IMDb and Academy Awards certified festivals such as Cinequest Film & VR festival (the final decision of Cinequest is still being processed). She is also selected as a semi finalist at International Songwriting Competition which is also one of the most competitive songwriting contest from 15,000 submissions and the final decision is still being processed as of Spring 2023.

As of March 2023, Hollywood Independent Music Awards (HIMA), which is affiliated with Hollywood Music in Media Awards (one of the most important award for visual media), gave her nomination and she is listed on the nominee list along with Grammy Award winners and a nominee.

The final decision is still being processed.

She also has released the healing music album "Healing and Prayers" that she produced, composed, performed, recorded and mixed all by herself in Jan. 2022.

She is one of the jury panels at LIT talented awards.

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Samuel Sjostedt is an Armenian-American composer and multi-instrumentalist from Worcester, Massachusetts. Specializing in oud and duduk, two instruments native to Armenia and MENA, he has performed in various regions of the world with his ensemble "Armadi Tsayn." Sjostedt has also been featured working with NVAK, and contributing and performing on the song "Snap" by Rosa Lynn, and "Wicked Game" and "Shwey Shwey," by Talia Lahoud. 




Patrick Tabet is a Bostonbased, Lebanese-American artist, with a bachelor’s degree in Music
Therapy specializing in Neurologic Music Therapy. He is committed to exploring and sharing the healing power of Music, especially Middle-
Eastern music. Patrick is a vocalist and
multi-instrumentalist. His rich tone and vibrant voice take root in Arabic music, and many different western genres. He has been singing since
the young age of twelve in Arabic musicals and has since then continued to expand his repertoire.
He has attended Berklee College of Music and the Lebanese National Conservatory and.
Patrick is a seasoned soloist at Boston College, a small band conductor, teacher,recording artist and healer. He has sung alongside Charbel Rouhana, Nizar Fares, Firas Zreik, and was a student of the renowned artists Simon Chahine and Nizar Fares to name a few. Heaims to explore the power of the maqam, and lay out its capabilities to the world.

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